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Polybrush release trailer

Polybrush 1.0 is released! Let me remind you that I'm doing 3D graphics since 12 years old, and now I am 22 and last couple of years I programmed at c ++ new software for 3D artists.

Polybrush - is a new 3D editor created specifically for artists.

The main difference in approach to the creation of 3D models as a drawing. You just draw the model strokes, which are hanging in space. The three-dimensional brushes may have any form, including composed of several objects. A change in their trajectory, deformation and color may depend, for example, from the tablet pen pressure. You can select desired parameters and use your objects inside brush to make a huge library of brushes. More than a hundred brushes is already included in Polybrush Full Edition just for example.

There is also a brushes for sculpting, voxel tools and unusual tool for very quick drawing rotation bodies.

Concepts and models, created in Polybrush and even Brushes stored in OBJ files suppo

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